Namespace is a unified container-focused development and testing experience that Just Works

Namespace builds on Ephemeral Clusters, our container-optimized cloud infrastructure that offers you most of the support you need, including persistent logs and metrics, lifecycle management, and root SSH access.

And they’re fast. Creating a cluster takes just a few second, making them great for testing and development.

Namespace is cost-effective because it carefully orchestrates the underlying infrastructure for high utilization and automatically ensures that you only pay what you use - no need to manually manage the lifecycle.

With Ephemeral Clusters, you can run Kubernetes-based, Docker-based and containerd-based workflows. And intermix them. We provide the same features to all containers, regardless of their orchestration.

Most importantly, Namespace works with your existing configurations and tools.

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  • Create new Kubernetes clusters from scratch in less than 10 seconds. Ready to use for most workflows in less than 30 seconds.
    • And we’ll continue bringing this time down.
  • Seamless integration with Github Actions workflows.
  • Container logs are automatically collected and persist long-term.
  • Cluster-level metrics are automatically collected and persist long-term.
  • Dashboard and CLI to navigate collected logs.
  • A configured private registry you can use to deploy images built for development and testing purposes.
  • Shared access within a team to clusters created.
  • GitHub Runners hosted by our Ephemeral capacity.
  • Soon Automatic collection of user-provided metrics.
  • Soon Access to collected metrics.
  • Soon API to programmatically create and manage clusters.