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Early Access

Fastest way to test containers in CI

Build and test on containers in your CI pipeline?

Run docker build? Use kind-action or k3d-action? Or docker compose?

Runs take too long?

Namespace spawns high-performance resources in seconds, dedicated for containers, which speed up your builds and tests. Without breaking the bank.

Reduce your debugging headaches

With Namespace container logs and metrics are persisted long-term. And you can resume previous runs for closer debugging.


Remote Builds

$ nsc build . -t nscr.io/123456abcdef/app:latest --push
[+] Building 1.0s (1/3)
[+] Building 1.5s (2/3)
[+] Building 2.3s (3/3) FINISHED

Ephemeral Clusters

$ nsc cluster create
=> nscloud.cluster-wait COMMITTED (300ms) 
=> nscloud.cluster-wait KUBERNETES_READY (5.1s) 
=> nscloud.cluster-wait CORE_SERVICES_READY (8.4s) 
Created cluster "abcyxz"