Download and install nsc, the CLI for Namespace.

You can install it by following the instructions below for your OS.

curl -fsSL https://get.namespace.so/cloud/install.sh | sh

Installation Options

You can change the default directory where nsc binary is installed by setting NS_ROOT environment variable.

curl -fsSL https://get.namespace.so/cloud/install.sh | NS_ROOT=/tmp/nsc sh

Post-installation steps

Follow the instructions provided by the install script. You can add the Namespace root directory to your PATH variable to make nsc available to your terminal session.

Linux and WSL

Manually add the directory to your $HOME/.bashrc (or similar)
  export NS_ROOT="$HOME/.ns"
  export PATH="$NS_ROOT/bin:$PATH"


Manually add the directory to your $HOME/.zshrc (or similar)
  export NS_ROOT="$HOME/Library/Application Support/ns"
  export PATH="$NS_ROOT/bin:$PATH"

What to try next?