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Pricing and Subscriptions

Look for the plan that best fits your needs.

Early Access


Try out Namespace for free during our Early Access open beta.


  • Build clusters.
  • Ephemeral clusters with Kubernetes support.
  • Test from CLI or from CI.
  • Built-in logging and metrics.
  • root access to any cluster.

Best for teams

Scales with use

Ideal for teams looking for out-of-the-box support for container based development and testing.

Includes all of Starter, and...

  • High capacity build clusters.
  • High priority access to on-demand resources.
  • Longer retention periods for logs and metrics (and external sink support).



Ideal for teams looking for a container-native development and testing workflow hosted or on-prem, with specific support guarantees.

Includes all of Pro, and...

  • Deployable on your own AWS account, or on-premise (bare metal).
  • Custom Build and CI support.
  • Dedicated Slack support channel.
  • Support SLA.