Wed Aug 30 2023

Caching Docker images across GitHub Action invocations

Cache container image pulls (and unpacks, often the most expensive bit) across your GitHub Action invocations.

Tue Aug 22 2023

Detailed Usage breakdown

You can now understand how your Namespace Compute usage is spread accross our various products.

Fri Aug 18 2023

Homebrew tap for nsc

You can now install our CLI with brew install namespacelabs/namespace/nsc.

Thu Aug 17 2023

Custom base images for Buildkit Agents

Provide Namespace with a custom base image to install additional tools or dependencies to run your Buildkite pipelines.

Wed Aug 16 2023

Cache Volume integration with Buildkite

Leverage our local, high-performance Cache Volumes to vastly speed up your CI runs.

Cache Volume integration with GitHub Runners

Significantly speed up your GitHub Action runs through Cache Volumes. Skip fetches from remote caches - your files are already available locally.

Introducing Cache Volumes

Cache volumes run on local, high-performance storage allowing them to vastly outperform remote caching solutions.

Mon Aug 07 2023

Custom shapes and architectures for Buildkite Agents

Shape your Buildkite Agents perfectly to your needs by selecting vCPU count, RAM size and architecture.

Mon Jul 31 2023

Automatic Kubernetes Previews

Namespace can automatically generate previews for your Kubernetes applications. Namespace’s ingress manager observes annotations on your services to expose previews automatically.

nsc: added a `ingress list` command

Quick access to all ingresses exposed by your application.

Tue Jul 25 2023

Custom localisation options for GitHub Runners

Instead of C.UTF-8, you can now switch your GitHub runners to use POSIX.

Mon Jul 24 2023

AWS Federation settings available in the Dashboard

You can now inspect your AWS Cognito federation configuration under Federation in the Dashboard.

Thu Jul 20 2023

Introducing Build Trace Viewer

Every docker build handled by Namespace's remote builders now gets its own trace view. You can now more intuitively debug why a particular build didn't perform as you expected.

Initial Circle CI federation support

You can now call Namespace from your Circle CI workflows. For example, speed up your builds by relying on Namespace' Remote builders.

Tue Jul 18 2023

Remote builders: Larger default cache size

By default, Remote Builders now have 64GB of high-performance disk storage available for caching.

Mon Jul 17 2023

Labels can now be passed to new instances on creation

Labels are rendered in the Dashboard, and can be used to distinguish instances ("clusters") that have different purposes.

GitHub Actions Pricing Calculator: Check how much you'd save with Namespace-managed Runners

Check the different in spend based on number of minutes you spend in GitHub Actions.

Fri Jul 14 2023

Usage: builds now also surface in the accrued usage

In addition to compute unit minutes, builds are also available now under usage.

Builds: the summary now shows all active builders

Wondering if an arm64 builder is up and running as well? The summary page now shows all active builders per workspace.

Thu Jul 13 2023

32 vCPU instance shapes are now available

We've updated the maximum instance size from 16 vCPU to 32 vCPU for all your large parallel computation needs.

Mon Jul 10 2023

AWS: Introduced Workload Federation with AWS, both AWS to Namespace, and vice-versa

You can now seamlessly use your AWS resources from Namespace instances, and also create and manage Namespace resources from your AWS resources, by relying on Workload Identity Federation.

Thu Jul 06 2023

Notifications: you now receive a notification by email when a workspace hits its concurrency limits

Each instance you run concurrently, for example, by using GitHub Actions Runners, uses your concurrency limits. When these are hit, new instance are queued and not created immediately. Previously you'd have to monitor usage via the dashboard. But now you get notifications to your inbox when limits are hit. These notifications can be disabled as well.

Wed Jul 05 2023

nsc: added a `workspace describe` command

Useful when interacting with Namespace programatically, and you need to quickly check what is the id of your workspace.

Tue Jul 04 2023

Container failures now surface in the Dashboard

Errors of containers that fail are now surfaced automatically in the Dashboard, for quick debugging.

Review our Changelog Blog entries for updates prior to July 4th, 2023.